In 1982 Father Charles McNaboe founded Bethany House. Moved by the indignity of poverty, he opened a simple soup kitchen to serve hot lunches to 17 homeless individuals.

Within a year, others joined him in his fight against hunger and homelessness and an organization was formed. By 1984, Bethany House officially received non-profit status.

It would not take long before the mission and services began to grow. What began as a simple soup kitchen expanded into a well-planned kitchen operation serving hundreds on-site and delivering meals city-wide.

In the year 2009, the family of Maria Bruni Leyendecker generously gifted property deeds to Bethany House and the kitchen gained a permanent home at 819 Hidalgo St.

In August 2002, Bethany House acquired a second property to open a shelter and transitional housing complex. In January 2006 this 8,000 sq. foot facility, began operations as the Guadalupe & Lilia Martinez Resource Center and Lamar Bruni Vergara Community Shelter housing as many as 60 persons at a given time.

But in efforts to continue to meet the the needs of those who suffer, the Sharing Hope capital campaign was launched in 2008. Fundraising began for the most ambitious expansion project yet which consisted of 12,000 ft. of additional space for housing and supportive services.

In January 2014, Bethany House celebrated the completion of the long time dream, The Barbara A. Kazen Center for Hope. With this new facility as part of the Bethany House complex, the organization has the capacity to serve more than 2,000 people including homeless, at-risk persons in need and entire families.


As Bethany House continues to write its story we hope you will join us in this journey of sharing hope and rebuilding lives.