About Us

        Founded by Father Charles McNaboe in the fall of 1982, Bethany House opens its doors in the old Texas Hat Company building to serve hot lunches for homeless individuals. Its primary mission was, and still is, to provide hot meals free of charge for the homeless, disabled, indigent and elderly. Soon after moving to its present site, the mission and services at Bethany House began to expand.

        Requests from the homeless for changes of clothing and other articles led to the opening of our Clothing Center and Thrift Shop which is stocked with community donations of clothing, furniture, appliances and miscellaneous items. What began as a simple soup kitchen has now evolved into the expanded on-site meal service and delivery routes for home delivered meals in west and south Laredo and to ten colonias. More than 1,000 daily meals are prepared six days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner service.  Whether they are shelter residents or low- income individuals and families, no one who is hungry is denied a hot meal.

         But the extent of our food services goes beyond the Bethany House Complex. Under the Food Pantry Program, 1,000 grocery bags full of staple foods are provided monthly to anyone experiencing food insecurity.  Most requests of pantry bags are placed by families struggling to make it to their next paycheck or seniors with limited income who often have to choose between food and medical care. 

     Every day, many facing hunger find themselves without a safe place to stay. Life's heaviest burdens can be unbearable when you are hungry and worried about where you will sleep. With 28 beds for men and 22 beds for women, our emergency shelter offers individuals a safe haven away from the streets and serves as a bridge to a brighter future. Families with children that have become homeless can also be sheltered in one of our 17 transitional housing units for up to 1 year. With the support of a case manager and a close collaboration with specialized agencies, families that once had very limited options are provided with the key tools and other supportive services to obtain self sustainability and independent living.

       Our Supportive Services which are collaborations with other social service agencies include employement programs, healthcare screenings and on- site assesements held at the Barbara A. Kazen Center for Hope. Also,our Homeless Prevention & Rapid Re-Housing Assistance Program assists individuals and families who are homeless or "at risk" of becoming homeless with rental assistance, utility payments or housing relocation. Resources are prioritized to serve households that are most in need of this temporary assistance. 

       Just when hanging on to hope may seem impossible, those less fortunate can rely on Bethany House for a second chance in life. "To feed the hungry and shelter the homeless" is what gives Bethany House its life and purpose so when you suport Bethany House, think of the lives you've helped, and the tomorrow's you have transformed. 

"Bethany House is a home for hot meals, comfort, a place to share friendship, take refugee and another opportunity to seize another chance to heal broken lives."

-Barbara Kazen

We can help you

Homeless Prevention and Rapid-Rehousing Assistance Program assists individuals or families that are "at-risk" of becoming homeless. They are provided with rental assistance, utility payments and/or housing relocation and other supportive services. 


Providing Shelter

Families with children who have fallen upn difficult times can stay in one of our transitional housing units for up to one year. The goal is for clients and families to attain sustainable and permanent housing upon exiting the program.



Filling Empty Stomachs and Hearts


On average, we prepare more than 1,000 meals every day. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to anyone in need of a warm meal - no one who is hugry is refused.

In addition, 1,000 pantry bags full of staple foods are distributed monthly to families in need and 250 meals are delivered weekly to homebound indivduals .